A society in which unconventional wisdom is becoming common sense

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- Hoping that the "icon of common sense" will become the "Korea."

Kim Gun-hee, who visited Lithuania to attend the NATO summit, was found to have visited a luxury store with a large bodyguard and entourage there, causing a stir

An article titled "Korea's First Lady is a 50-year-old style icon: Vilnius' visit to a famous store" reported by 15min, a leading Lithuanian media outlet. '15min' website screen

Lithuania itself is one of the three Baltic states on the brink of Russian invasion, and the NATO summit was a deeply-intentioned meeting to prevent war, so luxury shopping can be seen as inappropriate.

Mrs. Kim's move was reported around the world by an article titled "Korea's First Lady is a 50-year-old Style Icon: 15min," a leading Lithuanian media outlet, visiting Vilnius' famous store, which is considered ridiculous by Koreans, especially at a time when half of the country has been devastated by unprecedented downpours.

Moreover, the ruling party personnel has been criticized by the entire nation for its absurd remarks that "it was a cultural tour of Lithuania, a fashion and cultural powerhouse."

I wonder if a normally educated person can make such a statement. Most people do not understand, but what is more serious is that it is difficult to find a sincere apology from the government or the ruling party even if you wash your eyes.

That's what the world looks like these days. Simply uncommon sense is plastered on the media every day. The bigger problem is that every action by the current government and ruling party officials is criticized for leading the situation. People are nervous about this and turn their backs on the government's passports.

Lawmakers of the People's Power visited Noryangjin Fish Market in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the 30th. Lawmaker Kim Young-sun is drinking water from a tank. <Korea Broadcasting> (KBS) YouTube channel screen

Recently, there was an incident in which a video showing an unconventional appearance angered the entire nation. The "Noryangjin Pollutant Eating Show," the best comedy show ever provided on the actual broadcast screen by lawmakers of the ruling party who acted like a gag concert. The incident drew attention as a case in which lawmakers of the People's Power Party, who are holding a "relay sashimi restaurant dinner" to relieve public anxiety over the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan on the 30th, drank water from a tank containing raw fish. In other words, it was an event prepared to do a "water tank water eating show." They were sending a message to the public that Fukushima contaminated water was safe while drinking fish droppings. I can't help but laugh.

The Republic of Korea, a country dominated by unconventional wisdom, is an unacceptable insult. Moreover, it is a disgrace to Koreans who are the world's best people and outstanding people.

Let me give you one more example. Cheong Wa Dae's secretary's office should take it seriously, given that there are many voices concerned about the reality that a country's first lady stands out more than the president.

Immediately after Yoon Seok-yeol's inauguration, Mrs. Kim made a media play with the clear intention of creating an image based on fashion and internal cooperation. At first, he advocated "quiet internal support," but on the contrary, he even mobilized his fan club to make a big move. Then a woman without a formal license was found to have accompanied her on a NATO trip, sparking a backlash from public opinion as she was embroiled in a controversy over her "secret accompanying." President Yoon's low approval rating for state affairs seemed to refrain from making public moves for a while, but this year, he suddenly continued to make public moves more clearly than before. Then eventually, a visit to a Lithuanian luxury store broke out.

Most people suspect that Mrs. Kim is posing as president. This is also a very wrong behavior.


I listed some examples of unconventional information on social media and broadcasting. The problem is that it is the current government and the ruling party that are leading this unconventional society. It's not too late now, so I'm looking forward to politics and actions that meet the public's eye level.

I hope the "icon of common sense" will be "Korea."



MoonKyo-Kim / CEO. CAMNEWS

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